Real Estate Tips of the Day

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  • When selling your home, keep your front door and porch clean! You may enter through your garage, however, potential buyers will enter via your front door. You only get one chance to make a good first impression!

  • Curb appeal is key to selling your home. Buyers will typically drive by first before requesting to see the inside.

  • Houses that smell better, sell better! Boil a couple of cinnamon sticks before a showing or use plug ins. Think clean linen for the laundry room or spring breeze for the bathrooms.

  • A little paint can go a long way! Neutral colors are best as they make rooms look larger and buyers can envision themselves in the home. Your daughter may love her purple room but your buyers likely won't.

  • Should you be home when your house is being shown? NO! The potential buyer will see the house as YOUR home and not envision it as their own. Additionally, they may ask probing questions to determine your motivation which can compromise your negotiation of the sale.

  • Let the sunshine in! When your home is being shown, open the blinds and curtains! Turn on lights and fans (on low). Homes that are light and airy, show better. I showed a home recently where a french door was covered by curtains in the master. Had I not pulled them back my buyer would have never known the french door was there.

  • To remodel or not to remodel? If you are planning on selling your home in the near future, keep in mind you will likely not recoup the expense you put into the remodel. Think simple like replacing soiled carpets with cost effective neutral colors. Buyers will want to make the home their own.

  • Clean houses sell faster! Putting your house on the market? Be sure to clean it top to bottom first. Don't forget to look up and down. Dust inside light fixtures and ceiling fans. Wipe down the baseboards and get in the corners.

  • You are ready to move but your house isn't sold yet, do you leave furniture or not? If possible, leave some furniture. Another alternative is to use a staging company who you essentially rent the furniture from. They set it up and everything!